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Snorocket for Protégé and OWL API 3

Snorocket for Protégé is a Java implementation of the polynomial classification algorithm described by Baader et al in Pushing the EL Envelope and packaged for use as a reasoner in Protégé. It has been developed as part of the CSIRO's Health Informatics and Clinical Terminologies research program.

Snorocket supports the Description Logic EL+ and is capable of classifying SNOMED CT in less than 1 minute; some performance measures are shown in Figures 1 and 2.

Please cite these papers:

Alejandro Metke Jimenez and Michael John Lawley. Snorocket 2.0: Concrete Domains and Concurrent Classification. OWL Reasoner Evaluation Workshop (ORE 2103), Ulm, Germany, July 2013. To appear in CEUR Workshop Proceedings ( [PDF]

M.J. Lawley and C. Bousquet. Fast classification in Protégé: Snorocket as an OWL 2 EL reasoner. In T. Meyer, M.A. Orgun, and K. Taylor, editors, Australasian Ontology Workshop 2010 (AOW 2010): Advances in Ontologies, volume 122 of CRPIT, pages 45–50, Adelaide, Australia, 2010. ACS. Winner of Payne-Scott Best Paper Award. [PDF] [BiBTeX]


The latest version of Snorocket including a concurrent algorithm and support for concrete domains is now available via GitHub.


If you have any questions regarding the software or any problems downloading and installing please contact Dr Michael Lawley at

null Figure 1. Absolute speed comparisons (logarithmic scale)

null Figure 2. Relative speed comparisons (logarithmic scale)

Note, maximum times have been assigned for classifiers that did not finish. Also, some input ontologies have been modified to conform to EL+. See here for details.

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